JG Delaware Cross?


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May 20, 2012
Our Hippie Compound, WA
Hey all.
We are raising meat birds for the first time this year and decided to go with Jersey Giants. My chicks should be here Friday. I already have a couple JG hens, and I recently came into ownership of a very handsome Delaware roo. His favorite hens happen to be my JGs.

I'm just wondering if they would make a good cross so I could hatch and raise my own meat birds from chicks instead of having to order them.
Anyone have any input when it comes to these breeds?
How did your experiment go 8 years ago. I am having similar thoughts. My goal is to find a mix that will give me a 10 plus lb. meat bird in 5 months from foraging. (5 months because that is our last freeze to first freeze). Possible mixes could be a combination of the following:
  • Jersey Giant
  • Cornish Indian Game
  • Delaware
  • Plymouth Rock (White or Barred)
  • Faverolles

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