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    Jun 30, 2010
    JMTDISTRIBUTOR.COM - Bought a Lyons turner from JMT which was shipped directly from Lyon. Had to return the turner because the incubator I had bought it for was not working properly. Never opened the package from Lyon because I had to return the incubator before i even received the turner from Lyon. Spoke with Lyon and they told me as long as it is unopened, i would get a full credit and no restocking charge. JMT told me to return directly to LYON then when they receive credit from Lyon then they would credit me. Have proof of delivery to Lyon and an RMA number for the return from Lyon. Sent several emails to JMT and no reply. There is no other contact information for them. Lyon sold unit directly to JMT so i have to get my credit from JMT. Now i am out of $100. Does anyone have any suggestions what i can do to recoop my $100.
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    Call your credit card company and ask for a charge back. This should do it without any hassle.
  3. Gee, hope you figure it out! I've had it happen to me to. Then I called the main man running the place and they got off their butts and sent me my cash.
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    Jul 13, 2012
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    I'm having trouble getting an incubator I ordered from them - It just says "pending shipment" on their site for a week now. I've emailed 3 times with no response. Anyone have a phone number that works to get in touch with them? I've tried the following two numbers and neither work:


    Getting frustrated, and really hoping I'm not out the $400+ and no incubator!!!
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    Mar 11, 2013
    Did you ever get your incubator? I placed an order 10 days ago and nothing from JMT, no responses to email, and their phone number is blocked for incoming calls. For such high value item the lack of any customer service is worrying
  6. Hops N Hens

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    Jan 24, 2012
    We (ChickenObsessedAng and I) ordered the R-com 20 from JMT. Never had any contact or email, no answering of the phone..nada.. zippo.

    After about a week, I called Paypal and filed a complaint for "non-receipt of purchased product". Paypal was very easy to work with in terms of filing the complaint. They explained that they would contact the seller and investigate, and that the seller had 10 days to provide paypal with official proof of shipment. If the seller could not provide the product or proof of shipment PayPal said they would issue me a full refund.

    Within about 5 days of filing my complaint, PayPal provided me a full refund and I had ALL MY MONEY BACK! Paypal does not however give you any feedback on the result of their investigation oterwise.

    With all that being said, we then ordered the R-Com 20 from We got free shipping, the item was shipped out within 12hrs and we received it in 3 business days! They used UPS and provided us with all the tracking information as well. I highly recommend them!

    Randy and Angie
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    I will never deal with them having read this.
    I must say I love Strombergs though.
    Never had any trouble with them and they are always friendly
    I had a problem with a product once and they took care of the problem fast.
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    I started my paypal claim to get the money back. Fingers crossed that works, but even if it does I'll still have lost a month or more before I can re-order another one. Stay away from JMT
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    Jun 6, 2012
    Well, no JMT for me either.
    I order everything on-line, but cross them off my list.
  10. beluga3858

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    Mar 11, 2013
    Finally got a refund from paypal - 24 days wasted trying to deal with JMT. As Hops N Hens said, Paypal doesn't give you any feedback either during or after the refund process. BTW if you do need to get a refund through paypal you first need to open a dispute and then escalate it to a claim (which you can do almost immediately). The 10 day investigation clock only starts once it is escalated to a claim.

    Now on to a hopefully better experience with Strombergs

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