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Dec 9, 2015
Hello, new member from Brisbane, Australia here, and clucky guardian to three chickens. I think my family is getting bored with my chicken talk so it'll be good to be around other like minded individuals.

I have a mixed flock, Annabelle is a Rhode Island red/white cross, Ada an Australorp/Rhode Island red cross, and the newest member (still in quarantine and currently a part-time house chicken) Agnes, a bantam Silkie. Annabelle and Ada will be a year old in January, both are very good layers, Annabelle especially. They will let you pick them up, but it's Annabelle that doesn't mind a cuddle and gives really nice hugs(she rests her head over the back of my neck when I bring her in close). Aggie is only 4 months.

Funnily enough, though super friendly, my cat isn't a lap cat, but little Agnes is an enthusiastic lap chicken. She's only been with us as of a week tomorrow, and her times been split up between her playpen in the front yard (big girls are in the back) and being upstairs (she loves the aircon come midday. It's going to be a long hot summer). She's been a ray of sunshine after a long storm, I lost my original three chickens all within two months, starting in September. The hardest loss was my alpha hen, Fredericka. That hit me so hard and took a while to process. Two were to liver disease/cancer, (my poor Georgina and Pepsi), Freddie had a reaction to antibiotics unfortunately. No-one can replace them, but now that time has passed and we have room, I wanted to end the year on a positive note and take in a new fluffy butt; and fluffy she is! I have mixed thoughts about how well she'll integrate with the other two when old enough. We'll see how it goes when the time comes. She's my first Silkie, prior to that I had mostly Rhode Island red mixes.

My wishlist chickens are a speckled Sussex and caramel Belgian D'Uccle. If the big girls don't like Aggie, they can have a new Sussex playmate, whilst Aggie can have a D'Uccle as a friend, though getting approval for more is tricky as I'm stuck living with family at the moment. Complain as she does though, Mum melted when she saw Agnes, and has had her on her lap a few times, heheh. I am fast realizing just how addictive chickens are ;)

Photo time!

Annabelle! Loves nothing more than walking around talking to herself and anyone that'll listen.

Ada. She looked less evil in this photo. She's a very sweet chicken.

And little Agnes, who has had a haircut around her eyes and nose.


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Dec 12, 2013

Very nice intro and I loved seeing your photos! Make yourself at home here and always feel free to ask questions. There's a ton of information available and lots of helpful members.

It's nice to have you here!

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