Joseph(ine) the confused chicken


15 Years
Apr 20, 2007
Benton Twp., Michigan
I adopted an Australorp years ago that was a first for me. I was told she was a hen, so I called her Josephine.

Well, one day--after she'd been on our farm long enough to get comfortable--I heard crowing from the yard. I didn't have a rooster, so I had to investigate. I had to hide and observe for a while, but it was soon clear that Josie was doing it. I took a good look at her(?) and found that she did have little spurs. Huh. I renamed my chicken Joseph.

That was that . . . until the day that I found Joseph sitting in a nest box with an egg. Okay, maybe roosters set eggs, you know, sort of a Mr. Mom thing. More observation convinced me that Joseph(ine) was laying.

Josephine continued to lay eggs AND crow until we introduced a "for sure" rooster into the yard. Josie kept laying, but stopped crowing.

I put this story under "Behaviors" because I'm interested to hear why hens would be like this. Do many hens have spurs? Is it a "thing" for a dominant hen to crow in the absence of a rooster?

That sounds funny,
some hens do that when they want babies or a rooster.
No you have a rooster, right? And she stopped, so she is happy!

-The Angry Hen

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