Journalist needs urban poultry keeper for EZ email interview


10 Years
Jun 30, 2009
Hi all,

I'm a freelance writer with an assignment from a national magazine to do a brief (300 word) piece on the surge in backyard poultry.

Anybody want to do a very simple email interview with me? It would consist of just a couple of questions.

Details available from me at my regular email address: [email protected]

Robin Mather Jenkins
Iwould help you but let me find some time for that first, if you can wait couple of days I will answer your ? or pm me and I wll answer your questions.
I'll do it, too. I have very specific reasons for wanting a backyard flock, if that is the angle of your story.
Hi all,

Yes, I need to clarify this a little.

The magazine is a monthly Sunday newspaper insert called Relish. It is essentially a "good food" magazine, if you haven't seen it.

The article will be positive (I keep chickens myself, 5 golden comet hens) ... and will discuss how many cities are changing laws to permit people to keep chickens in places where they perhaps weren't allowed to do so previously. It will feature several recipes which I have developed.

Specifically, I'd like to interview someone who keeps only a few birds ... and is new at it, relatively speaking. While I admire the heck out of those of you who are able to keep lots of chickens -- and perhaps other livestock too -- for the purposes of this article, I need someone who only has 3 to 5 birds.

I have written about food for nearly 30 years, and have been a staff writer at the Detroit News, the Chicago Tribune and Cooking Light magazine. Feel free to google me.

Any other questions?

Thanks very much,
Robin Mather Jenkins

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