J's 2018 chicks!

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  1. Dona Worry

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    Jul 5, 2018
    Aww, sorry to hear about your losses.
    These guys look great. You've got some beautiful birds!
  2. Thejperez

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    Oct 7, 2014
    J's 2018 chicks!

    I had some time today to go out and sit in the coop for a while and I got some good pictures!

    Miss(or Mr.) Gimpy just had to see why everyone was getting up on my lap! She jumped up all by herself. She sat until I had to get up and put everyone up. I'll probably put the old 'dog' house in just for her. The dog house is a flat topped, three sided broody house that I've had for years. I'll need to make extra wide ramps to make it as comfortable as possible for her to get to the top of it.

    This is Gimpy.
    Photo Editor-20181123_170417.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181123_170445.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181123_170457.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181123_162319.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181123_175536.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181123_170051.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181123_170110.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181123_170122.jpg
    Nap time!
    Photo Editor-20181123_170510.jpg
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  3. Thejperez

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    Oct 7, 2014
    J's 2018 chicks!

    Everyone has went out in the 'run' the last couple of days. My run is a large fenced-in part of my yard that all of the chickens go in during the day. Nothing major happened with the big hens other than a few small skirmishes. The big hens are already smaller than the chicks, it's pretty funny when a tiny hen is chasing one of the larger boys!

    The hens are being locked up in their coop for a few days. I happened to find a illegal nest of eggs on the other side of the fence. I saw her squeeze her tiny little body through two layers of welded wire! Looks like I need to get some chicken wire up so they can't squeeze through anymore.

    I got some pictures from the last couple of days.

    One of the porcelain d'uccles is on the left checking them out.
    Photo Editor-20181126_110221.jpg

    Doesn't she have some pretty eyes?
    Photo Editor-20181127_160235.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181127_160340.jpg

    This one's looking quite black copper marans isn't it?
    Photo Editor-20181127_160355.jpg

    Yes, that is a old stove converted into a nest box.
    Photo Editor-20181127_160426.jpg
  4. Thejperez

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    Oct 7, 2014
    Its been pretty warm today so everyone is enjoying the nice sunny weather.
    Chicken puddle!
    Photo Editor-20181129_112209.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181129_112231.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181129_112613.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181129_112245.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181129_112548.jpg

    Gotta warm up my cold little feet.
    Photo Editor-20181129_112752.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181129_112802.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181129_112816.jpg

    Is that a chicken I smell? :gigThis is my cat, Hemingway. Everyone calls him Hemi though. He is a Polydactyl cat, that means he has extra toes on all of his feet. Hemi has 22 toes, while normal cats have 18.
    Photo Editor-20181129_113550.jpg

    Hemi is also clicker trained! He can sit, sit up on his hind legs and he'll sometimes shake.
    Photo Editor-20181129_114844.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181129_124342.jpg
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    Feb 26, 2015
    East Tennessee
    I hope this isn’t too off-topic - I’m loving following your chick journey - but how are you inserting photos directly into the text of your posts? When I try to add photos to my posts the pics show up in a list of photo thumbnails at the end of the post. However I’d like to insert my pics directly into the body of my posts as you are with your adorable chick pix. Can you share with me how you’re doing this? Many thanks!
  6. Thejperez

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    Oct 7, 2014
    Thank you! My babies are adorable aren't they? It's not too off topic. I love to help!

    I'm on my phone so I'm on the mobile site. I'll check out the desktop site later to see how that works. Here's how I do it. It might look different to you, every phone is different so just look for what I point out it will probably look and or be In a different place for you.

    First go to Upload a File under the text box.

    Photo Editor-20181129_202635.jpg

    Choose a File will pop up. My phone brings up four different options. I choose Files. That's where my pictures are.
    Photo Editor-20181129_202747.jpg

    Next, the file pages pop up. I click over to the side where my recent pictures pictures are. It's the darker Grey on the right side. You can also select a app or gallery if you'd like.


    Choose the file you want. This time I went with one of the cat pictures from earlier.

    Photo Editor-20181129_202821.jpg

    The photo will load under the More Options... button. Click on the Full Image to have the photos load up like mind do.
    Photo Editor-20181129_203011.jpg

    If you don't do the full image it will pop up like this:

    Photo Editor-20181129_124342.jpg
    Instead of this:
    Photo Editor-20181129_124342.jpg

    That's what I do!
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    Oct 7, 2014
    It seems to work the same way on the desktop site too! Im currently on it writing this. Just slightly different page layout. So it should be easy on either the mobile or desktop site.
  8. Thejperez

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    Oct 7, 2014
    I got some pictures from the last couple weeks I need to share.

    Your head is real comfortable mom!
    Photo Editor-20181130_134338.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181207_114217.jpg
    I got some decent pictures of the ducks this morning. It was cold and I'm sick but I guess it was worth it.
    Photo Editor-20181212_081950.jpg

    I think a good chunk of the chicks have black copper marans in them.
    Photo Editor-20181207_122335.jpg

    I also got some cool pictures at the local ferry. Featuring my sister's dogs.

    Photo Editor-20181209_160958.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181209_161801.jpg
    And Chloe
    Photo Editor-20181209_160454.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181212_082327.jpg
    Someone was curious about my phone.
    Photo Editor-20181207_122406.jpg
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    Oct 7, 2014
    I got some more pictures of some free-range time. Everyone had a great day! I've had to remove most of the cockerels to some Batchelor coops due to them becoming sexually active and trying to mount the Bantam girls.

    Photo Editor-20181231_103457.jpg

    Chicken puddle!
    Photo Editor-20181231_103832.jpg
    She's soo cute!
    Photo Editor-20181231_104047.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181231_103208.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181231_104058.jpg
    I think this handsome guy might become the flock cockerel. He's about a month older than the 'chicks'.
    Photo Editor-20181231_104229.jpg
    He's friendly, non aggressive and still not trying to breed the girls. I hope he continues to be a good candidate.
    Photo Editor-20181231_104259.jpg
    Gimpy is having a nice day in the sun.
    Photo Editor-20181231_104412.jpg
    She's the queen of the stink eye! She has been since before her injury.
    Photo Editor-20181231_105341.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181231_104450.jpg
    I love the shine!
    Photo Editor-20181231_104752.jpg
    This pullet is the biter. She's sweet, but when she sees something interesting, like a scab, it's getting pecked.
    Photo Editor-20181231_104818.jpg

    This is my biggest drake and his girlfriends in the background.
    Photo Editor-20181231_105421.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181231_105536.jpg

    Photo Editor-20181231_105503.jpg

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