July 1st hatching ..DAY 23 for a few of us!


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May 25, 2008
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I have 6 black copper marans under a broody and in the incubator i have 5 black copper marans and 4 mutts from my hens all due to hatch july 1st. This is my first time hatching chicks and my hubby made my incubator so we will see how things go. But is anyone else due to hatch july 1st?
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I'm with you i have 9 frizzle bantam an 9 bantam in the incubator and we will see how it workss out, home made having trouble with temp and humidity.
Over 40 Cortunex quail, due July 1st! Jumbo browns and goldens, from UglyDuckling! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I just had a poor chickie hatching, only 7 from over 40 eggs, mostly shipped.
Well today is day 7, I candled all my eggs are too dark to see veins but I see a definet air sac and a dark part of the egg. but 2 eggs air pocket seems to be at the pointy end of the egg.. I don't get why that happened, the two that are like that are shipped eggs but got to settle for 12 hours and have been incubating big side up.
Hi, I have a incu due to hatch the 1st. Little critters will be Barred Rocks, Silver Laced Wys, Golden Lace Wys, BLR Wys and Silver Pencil Rocks....and any spaces not used by these were filled with "designer" bantie eggs. The next incu hatches on the 5th of July with the same critters. So far so good! It would be nice if one of the banties hatched in the red white and blue colors!


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