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5 Years
Aug 18, 2014
Livermore, CA
Just pulled this whopper out of the Pekin's nest this morning. It's the largest one we've found to date, weighing in at 4.6 oz!!!!

What size eggs are you all getting from your ducks?
You better give that poor girl some wine after laying that egg!

I have four Welsh Harlequins. I have not weighed their eggs, but they go from Large to Jumbo chicken egg sized. With the occasional small egg thrown in. They only started laying a couple months ago so I think they are still getting the hang of it.
I know right! Mine have just been laying for almost a month now and are still figuring it as well. This is by far the biggest we've gotten since I started weighing them, next was just about 4 oz.

I've found it helpful to keep track of our eggs, even with such a small flock. It's just one more way to get to know them as best I can. I haven't totally been able to match the duck to the exact egg yet, but I have my suspicions!

I'd love to see some WH eggs! That's the next type of duck I want!
Omg! That small one is soo tiny!!! Lol! I think we've had 2 about that size. One was perfectly round, the other pointy and totally flat on one side.
I just got 1 today 140g which google says is 4.98 oz. I hope it came from our Pekin...Any other duck would explode. So far all the over 100g eggs were double yolkers.
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@KARy408 Yeah that was the biggest egg so far, just in time for the post, but Snow's new to eggs and is laying about half double yolkers right now, mostly around 100g (3.5oz) - 120g (4.2oz) but yesterday she squeezed an extra 20 grams in (haven't opened it yet maybe it is a triple yolk - never seen one but I've heard they exist). Her "normal" one yolk eggs are 85g(3oz)-95g(3.4oz) so they still are noticeably larger than a Jumbo (BTW if anyone knows of a good source for cartons that will hold these monsters, please let me know. I ordered some jumbo cartons, but I can't close them.) She's got to be over 9 pounds now - the last time I weighed her she was 8-1/2 lbs and she hadn't started laying yet.

None of the eggs from other ducks have been doubles so far so I don't think it is the food unless she is the best forager and is over-boosting her protein on grasshoppers, but i doubt a Pekin can out-forage a runner (certainly not this Pekin - she mostly waddles around muttering to herself) so I think she eats mainly food, romaine and peas for treats. All but two of my laying ducks were hatched in March of this year so I get lots of funny shapes and sizes right now. I got one that was 28g (just under an ounce) with no yolk and it was perfectly round. I also found one in the yard about the size of a big grape - too big to be a robin's egg - light green with no speckling - but I don't know if that came from one of the ducks or was dropped out of a tree somewhere (the nearest tree was over 30 ft away).
@gentila sounds like our ducks are pretty similar! My Pekins all hatched on March 17th. They've been laying similar sizes to what you've described and about half have been double yoked as well. My husband thinks that's the norm, but I keep telling him once they get more regular I think the 3.8 oz single yokes will be the standard...but really who knows? I kinda wish we had gotten at least one other breed of duck, even if just for egg identification purposes alone I think it would be fun! I never heard of a triple yoker, but will be on the lookout now!

I don't know if there's a high enough demand right now for duck sized egg containers! If you find any I'd love to know the source as well. Our local feed shop sells duck eggs in the regular carton, with tape to help hold the lid in place!

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