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  1. Johndale

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    Jul 29, 2008
    what breed of chickens lay jumbo eggs?
  2. houndit

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Braymer Missouri
    Sexlinks often tend to lay very large eggs. I have also heard that Jaerhorns do. They are very rare and would probably not be worth your time finding. Seems like I heard Jersey giants do also. I know that sexlinks do.
  3. Mac in Wisco

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    May 25, 2007
    SW Wisconsin
    I'd think that any of the standard size breeds have the possibility to lay jumbo eggs. The larger the bird and the more protein they are eating, the larger the eggs get.
  4. mdbokc

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    Jun 22, 2009
    Oklahoma County, OK
    I have a cross between Buffs and something else, so I was told. A hybrid of some sort. But they lay large and jumbo the majority of the time. Makes me a bit nervous at times wondering if hard on them but just seems to be fine. They sit on the nest for a very short while and Pop!
  5. greathorse

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    Oct 1, 2008
    Northern Colorado
    It is also my understanding that the eggs of most breeds are larger after their first molt. The big molt that occurs at around 18 months. It was very true for some red sex links I had at one time. the eggs they laid after the molt were consisitently very large.

    I did not grade them but did not fit very well into most egg boxes.
  6. PortageGirl

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    Nov 8, 2008
    Portage County, Ohio
    I found this information on the following site: http://www.sandhillpreservation.com/pages/poultry_catalog.html It only covers the breeds that they offered in 2009, other breeds, lines and crosses will vary NO DOUBT! There's no way to accurately predict egg size, but this will give you some ideas I'd think.

    I never look at egg size only since I've had sweet RIR hens that layed only medium eggs, but they were such good layers that I wouldn't think of culling them. Likewise, another RIR in the nest box right next to her layed nothing but ex-large. There are no guarentees in this sort of thing! You'd have to cull and breed specifically for such a thing and many of us aren't willing to limit our flocks to such things, and egg size can diminish after the first year or two, so again you'd have to cull and either refresh your stock or breed and hatch your own consistantly to keep size larger. All a personal choice.

    Here is what it said there, I copied and pasted straight from their site because I thought it was informative, BUT it is only what they have noticed and tracked from their stock on hand... There is NO way to actually predict any single breed that will lay only jumbo eggs. Some banties will lay what is for them HUGE eggs, but would be classified as standard breed mediums. It's all related to context!!!!! USDA standards for weight/size have already been mentioned, here is what Sand hill has tracked. (they have a disclaimer about it all which I included!!!)

    DISCLAIMER! (by Sand Hill Preservation folk) This is a multi-year data. We take this data at the end of July. There is nothing truly scientific about it, so please don't read too much into the numbers. A random dozen eggs is weighed from each breed. No attempt to select any size specimens is made. The more years we have had a breed, the more data is used in the average. PLEASE USE THIS INFORMATION AS A GUIDE ONLY!!

    Extra Large (27-30 oz./doz eggs): Delaware, White Faced White Spanish, Rhode Island White Rose Comb, Welsummer, New Hampshire, Light Brahma, Blue Cochin, White Ameraucana, Buff Catalana, Rhode Island Red, and Black Langshan.
    Large (24-27 oz./dozen eggs): Frizzle, Light Grey Dorking, White Jersey Giant, Cuckoo Maran, Single Comb Light Brown Leghorn, Barnevelder, Black Jersey Giant, Ancona, Black Penedescenca, White Orpington, Spangled Russian Orloff, White Houdan, Partridge Rock, White Minorca, Buckeye, Black Australorp, Blue Jersey Giant, Buff Orpington, Silver Penciled Wyandotte, Ameraucana, Silver Grey Dorking, Rose Comb Colored Dorking, Exchequer Leghorn, White Chantecler, Black Orpington, Silver Campine, Norwegian Jaerhon, Red Naked Neck, Dominique, Rose Comb Rhode Island Red, Buff Wyandotte, Black Wyandotte, Black Leghorn, Black Minorca, Barred Holand, Red Dorking, Buff Minorca, Black Cochin, White Dorking, Colored Dorking, Buff Chantecler, Lakenvelder, La Fleche, Golden Laced Wyandotte, White Dorking, Colored Dorking, Buff Chantecler, Lakenvelder, La Fleche, Golden Laced Wyandotte, White Cochin, Red Leghorn, Mottled Java, and Blue Orpington.

    Medium (21-24 oz./dozen eggs): Silver Krainekoppe, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Partridge Chantecler, Red Cap, Mahogany Faverolle, Black Sumatra, Black Ameraucana, Flame Jaerhon, Buff Leghorn, Salmon Faverolle, Spitzhauben, Blue Andalusian, Buff Laced Polish, Red Sussex, Speckled Sussex, Golden Polish, Black Crested White Polish, White Crested Black Polish, Iowa Blue, Black Breasted Red Shamo, Black Shamo, Golden Campine, Crevecoeur, Rose Comb Colored Dorking, Muffed Old English Game, Buttercup, Black Breasted Red Cubalaya, Red Pyle Cubalaya, Long Crower, Manx Rumpie, Silver Polish, Black Crested Blue Polish, Buff Cochin, Black Polish, Dark Shamo, and Silver Laced Cochin.

    Small (18-21 oz./dozen eggs): Black Breasted Red Kraienkoppe, Egyptian Fayoumi, Blue Polish, White Cubalaya, Golden Spangled Hamburg, Silver Penciled Hamburg, Light Sussex, Golden Lakenvelder, and Frizzle Black Sumatra.
  7. Buckguy20

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    Apr 13, 2007
    Choctaw Oklahoma
    For a big chicken, my giants laid small eggs. Never bigger than medium.
    My red sex links and Welsummers lay the biggest in my flock.
  8. A.T. Hagan

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    Aug 13, 2007
    North/Central Florida
    Age seems to have more to do with egg size than anything. The older a bird becomes the fewer eggs she lays, but those eggs tend to grow larger. Up to a point of course.

    All of my Jersey Giants tend to lay medium to large eggs. Never had one lay bigger eggs than that.

    I've got some Buffs, RIRs, and Barred Rocks that lay Jumbo eggs, but they're all three years old or more.

  9. ErieSpurs

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    Oct 5, 2009
    Elyria, OH
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