Jumping on edge of brooder and roosting..

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Mar 11, 2018
So 3 of the chicks will be 3 weeks around Thursday. Their new thing is roosting on the edge of the brooder. I opened the door and there she was looking at me. Now when I sit there, all three visit me. At first I jumped back and we scared each other, now we are good. I Kept the heat lamp on until noon, opened the window and had the sun shining in on them. I put the heat lamp back on at about 6 and will keep it on tonite. I'm thinking by the end of the week the heat lamp will be gone. The problem is we are expecting a huge snow storm for this weekend so I won't be able to do the extended run and I won't put them out in that weather. They really can't get into anything if they do jump out of the brooder. It's not one I can cover with anything heavy enough to keep them in. Is this normal behavior at not even 3 weeks? I thought I had a little more time.
I can do that, but it won't be until tomorrow. We are tucked in for the night. I'm sure they are going to have a field day until tomorrow.
At 3 weeks, if they are in your house, they need no heat, even at night. By 4 weeks, depending on ambient outdoor temp, they should be fine for spending the day in predator proof coop/run. by 4 - 5 weeks, my chicks, who are brooded in their grow out coop are completely weaned off heat, with night time temps dipping into 30's. Given the chance, with MHP brooder, they wean themselves off heat. They grow up so fast.
They grow over night. It's amazing. I have one that is a week behind them, so I'm holding out for that one so they stay together. 2 of the ducks are a week older and one duck us almost 3 weeks too. Watching them grow has been an amazing thing and quite entertaining.

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