Jumping over babies


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Sep 28, 2009
Alpujarra mountains, Spain
I always thought that the Annual Fiesta in our little village was crazy, but there is another I’ve just heard about that really takes the biscuit!

It takes place in Castrillo de Murcia, about 36 km west of Burgos, and apparently dates back to 1620. To celebrate Corpus Christi, men dress up as the devil and jump over babies born during the previous 12 months. The babies are laid out in rows on mattresses in the street.


Then, wait for it, the devil, known as El Colacho, leaps over the babies. This is supposed to cleanse the babies of sin, guard against evil and illness, and thus ensure them a safe passage through life.

As an added extra, the organisers of the festival, the shadowy brotherhood of Santísimo Sacramento de Minerva give chase and terrorise townsfolk and spectators throughout the day.

Only in Spain...


Is that something that only happens in that town?

I was born in Spain and my parents have told me of may customs and things, but not this.
An interesting custom.
Okay, I thought Spain was a primarily Catholic country... so... uh... wouldn't Christ be the only one capable of cleansing anyone? You'd think in the home of the Inquisition that idolatry wouldn't be so popular.

And of all the cleansing ceremonies... there's some serious sarcasm in 'safe passage' being granted by risking your child being landed on by a leaping lunatic.

Those mothers must be insane.
According to Wikipedia, the Pope is not keen and has asked his priests to avoid it. But I think it's one of those traditions that has gone on for so long, that people just go along with it. Makes me shudder to see the photo, much as I love the Spanish.

Interesting....I didn't learn that in my Mexican culture class.

I do remember about reading about bullfighting....only in Spain and Mexico, they kill bull or use barbs to tack pillicados in their meaty shoulders. Portugal does not kill their bulls. Mind you, I am not trying to open a can of worms but it is tradition to them for thousands of years and they steadfastly kept it going.

Traditions is what they are proud of, even it is rather silly, cruel or downright ornery.

The "Death" festival was rather morbid to me but they have a reason for this festival, to remember their love ones and partake foods between themselves.

The "Teenager" festival is rather very lively, one big party you might say LOL!

I must admit the Spanish people are VERY proud of their festivals and despite of what I think, I think they should continue until their own people decided it is enough is enough. I don't think any amount of protestors will make them give up the traditions, that includes bullfighting. Let's stop there, ok? (bullfighting issues)

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