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Aug 16, 2007
I have 24 baby chicks. I have 14 in a big blue tote basket, and I have 10 in a very deep old dresser drawer. I am keeping them in my house because is it so cold and windy outside. My question is, would it be ok to turn off the heat lamp at night before I go to bed and just put a thin blanket over the basket and drawer I have them in, or do they need to be uncovered and the light kept on?
I would keep the light on them and definitely not put a blanket over their brooder. Chicks chill very easily. They need to stay warm and have ventilation.
90-95 24/7 1st week,drop heat by 5 degrees a week till 70 -use a thermometer if at all possible-but they need to be able to get away from the heat if they want to
if you turn out the light how will you see them? you know you will want to be able to see what all the peeping is about.

draftfree and warm 90-95 the first week if you have a red heat lamp its not as bad.
They look huddled up to me, you need to make sure they are warm enough. You need to put something in there to determine what the temperature is.

Do not turn the lamp off.
I dont have anything at all to determine the temperature, I could clamp the lamp on the side of the basket though, do you think that would help, or would they get warm?

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