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  1. I was thinking that maybe you should make a forum that we can post questions on but no one can see it but the mods and admins. I am a member of another forum that does that and it is nice [​IMG]
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    Quote:How do you see the answers?
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    Is this a tattle tale forum? [​IMG]
  4. Quote:How do you see the answers?

    Here is what it says:
    How to Submit Questions and Feedback

    The procedure for submitting questions, suggestions or concerns is to send them directly to the appropriate administrators or moderators by private message or email. But sometimes you have a question or comment that you're not sure who to send to, or that you'd like to share with the whole Forum team. That's why we've created the Questions and Feedback forum.

    It allows you and all of the mods to look at it but no one else on the forum [​IMG]
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    You can use the "report" button and explain the situation from there, I think. [​IMG]
  6. Quote:Not just for reporting [​IMG] Other things as well. [​IMG]
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    Jun 28, 2009
    Yay. Sometimes I wanna ask" How do you......" And if i post it in a nother thread sometimes no answer/ wrong answer.

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