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    So the temperature dropped to about 28 last night. I went out about 9pm and put in my first fish tank heater in my hanging 5 gallon waterer. This morning I went out about 7am before work. The two 2 gallon waterer buckets had not heater and were frozen solid! But my 5 gallon with the fish tank heater was still dripping water when I poked the nipples!

    No more changing 40 pound ice buckets in 20 degree weather! Woot woot! Thanks that was the best idea ever!

    Now just don't rain on my extension cord.....
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    Jan 10, 2013
    Get one of those cord weather/waterproof boxes..I got a Sockitbox from Amazon, you may find one locally.

    Cheaper and quicker is a turned upside down bucket and suspend the connection inside off the ground….or just tape a ziplock over the connection and hang if off the ground.
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