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I posted this as a reply on a earlier post but thought it might be good food for thought so decided to post it in its own thread. More or less the Old BYC is not coming back nor does anyone know if they chose a different one that they would like it any better or hate it more. The best thing for all of us to do is pretend the old BYC didn't exist, from what I've read it had to be changed the old system was not supporting the site now that it has grown this big. Look at this as its a new site, come in learn the new things adjust the things you don't like if you can, ask questions and be patient. If you just signed up for a new group/site you wouldn't start right off saying. I hate this and that and it needs to be changed or I'm leaving would you? It changed, its done and it can't be changed back. It is what it is and we have deal. There are alot of people talking of leaving, some have been a real help to other members of BYC, Unless you just can't deal at all and its stressing you out that bad, Try and give it a shot for at least a month or so. If you leave you might of been able to help someone better than someone that stays and that just hurts the other BYC member's. Any hows here's my reply to another thread so some of what i just said might be repeated in some way, Just think about it real hard before you decide to leave for good and not give it a shot

I can see every ones point of view, I for one like change so it didn't bother me. The new system has its ups and downs. Ive read alot on peoples opinions about it and seem to see alot say its slow or not loading the pages right, personally I've used 3 different computers to access BYC and all loaded it OK including my cell phone (droid) I'm sure after a lil bit all the bugs and kinks will be worked out. I can see every ones frustrations if I had that problem. As for the ads on the side I think if your a GFM you can turn those off through your account settings from your profile. (however I did read that if everyone turned those off that BYC wouldn't get paid for the sponsorships these ads provide, so probably not a good idea unless they bother you that bad. The other things in the side bar eventually the way i read will probably be changed to something more useful. The more I play around with it I find things the Old BYC didn't have and I like. There are a couple things That I don't like, for one the BST section with the limited open classifieds and no auto auctions (this affects me as a seller, I don't care much for it and others (buyers) are aggravated and don't want to mess with so no bids for me or viewers) However when I first joined BYC there was no BST section at all, and eventually something will be worked out, as this is a big part to alot of BYC members. The plus side the the new BST section is you really have unlimited classifieds but can't have more than 2 open at a time. I guess ways of working around that would be combine listings with batches of eggs you want the same price for and include them all on one, and also run 2 adds for 2 or 3 days for 2 different breeds then close and run your other breeds for the remainder of the week. Also the adds don't expire so if you sold a batch every week you can leave it up and just tell people to pm you if they want a batch, good way to start a waiting list too. Doesn't work so well for auction type listings but I'll deal til something is worked out.

I Think everyone should look at it as a new Site ( get the old BYC out of their heads, pretend it didn't exist) Give it at least a month and if you still don't like it, then move on. Once everyone plays around and gets used to things it be alot easier, I intend to play around and figure things out and if someone has a question about something I'd be glad to work around and figure it out or help the best way I can. Like someone else said it was another format or no BYC at all, and seems to me from what I've read they tested out a few and this is the one they decided on. There's no changing it now, and no going back This is BYC and it is what it is. One of the other formats some might of liked and others hated, with this many people you can't please everyone. Everyone try to give it a chance and play around with it, do ya best to try and focus on what you started coming here for to begin with. Lets get back to chickens, ducks, and socializing. Every ones got there mind on the New system and how they hate it or love it and That's one reason alot of post aren't getting answered, everyone is either too busy figuring things out for themselves, (which will die down in a few days or weeks) Got mad and decided not to give it a try all though they may be the one that could of helped that person the most.

If anyone has trouble doing anything or understanding stuff message me and I'll try and help the best I can.

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