Just because you hear it or read it doesn't make it true!!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by erinszoo, Aug 28, 2012.

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    So, (stepping up on my box) ahem, my topic for today is that old saying "just because you read it or hear it doesn't make it true". Recently I joined a couple of blog posts on FB. They had some interesting information and I thought why not, but they've turned into "why did I do that?" They have become, almost, annoying in some ways and no way is more annoying than when the BLOG posts something or other that they promote everyone should follow and immediately finding 87 comments from people who clearly read the post and decided to "change" their life in some way immediately without even researching or reading more information on what is presented.

    This is why the world is in such a state as it is nowadays ... because people don't think for themselves any more. Someone says something and off they go to change their life. But it's wrong, it's not smart, it's just ... [​IMG]

    Case in point, a week or so ago someone posted on one of the threads here how the news had reported a story that said someone had done a study and found that eating eggs were as bad for your health as smoking cigarettes. So not only had the news on TV reported this, now someone on this thread had posted it for everyone to read as well and people immediately started saying that they would have to go back to not eating eggs again.

    I balked ... and probably ticked some people off ... and posted that everyone should hold their horses about making snap judgements about eggs and read the study. Then I proceeded to go read that study or at least all the information I could find on it and what I found was this ... yes the study concluded that eating eggs was as bad for the participants of the study on their health as smoking cigarettes was. HOWEVER, this study was conducted by a heart doctor on his ALREADY HEART DISEASED patients - about 1,000 of them ... and their was NO control group of healthy individuals.

    So was this information flawed or was it something we should all be concerned over?

    Why can't people just think for themselves any more? Are we all really so lazy that we don't have the time to actually spend three minutes to link to an article and read more information before we "change" our lives based on a sentence posted on facebook or a 30 second report on the evening news?

    Before you make any decisions based on what other people say or post no matter what the source, do some research, become a little more knowledgeable, and don't just jump on the bandwagon with flags a flyin over something just because someone said to. America has a proud tradition of independent thinkers, of pioneers, of trail blazers ... where are those people now?

    Thank you for your time. I'll step down now.
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    couldn't have said it better! [​IMG]
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    Like eggs are EVER going to be bad for you... :rolleyes:
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    What drives me crazy is people asking for help on what to think! Just think for yourself. I really don't want to be responsible for your decisions!

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