Just 'Bird and the Fluffy Butts on a nice day!


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I had some time and was taking some photos of the new babies and of Hope, thought I would get some nice pictures of 'Bird and his fluffy butts!


Hope a Dope!

Daytona, my queen egg layer of 3 years. I had her to the vet last week and they told me she is egg bound. they gave me a calcium suplement and a muscle relaxer for her that she gets every day. Its been three weeks so far. She has been eating so so - gets anything i can get down her. Worms are still a go for her as applesauce, mealworms, bread, etc. She still eats her scratch and doesnt seem to be suffering. I will let her go on as long as she can while not suffering. It stinks.

Peaches, you are such a big butt. lol


Here comes the group!

And now that the little girls are 11 weeks, I guess they can be considered part of the 'Fluffy Butts!"

I'm glad the weather is warming up for bare-butt, Hope. Too bad Peaches can't lend her some of her feathers.

I hope Daytona improves. I have never heard of a chicken being egg bound for so long.
I wondered about that as well scratch, You can feel a mass in her lower back belly. It's swollen and hard. She has some issues breathing sometimes too. I have used every antibiotic known over the last 2 months including Baytril and it does no good. She does has a tiny bit of respiratory sound the vet heard, but he had me just continue the Baytril. There is no discharge, no puffy face, poop is ok - not much there, but she is still pooping. sometimes it's runny - more water. When this started her poop was a bright flouresent green and white. That's why i thought maybe she was just sick. She has left me a couple of lash eggs before this started, then went through a heavy molt too. Vet didnt see a reason to quarentine her, he doesnt think it's a sickness. I found an avian vet here who comes highly reccomended. He said that the egg is there and is soft, but it is not blocking her up completely.

I asked him if he meant egg bound or internally laying? he said egg bound.

Hope is doing really good. Her feathers are coming in all at once finally. Just in time for the summer. lol

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Could Daytona maybe have a tumour? It seems strange, I thought egg bound chickens died really quickly?

I love your crew, they are all beautiful. Including poor Daytona, I hope she gets better.

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