Just bought out another "corn maze"


9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
...and I don't know why the man would sell it now.

$150.00 bought every costume, every prop. 30-odd costumes alone.
Nice ones. Two even included real tuxedos. Some things still new with
price tags. I got the black lights, the fog machines...

He had a nice enough maze. But said he had trouble getting workers
to actually show up. Promise and then not show.

So he simply sold it out.

I hate that he thought he needed to sell out. But since he did, I'm glad that
I was there to buy it. It will make a nice asset to our existing material.
Good deal!

The last corn maze we went into.. we took our dog...
Shes a saint bernard.. we figured she'd be good and helping us find our way out... Cause they're supposed to "find people".....
Uh..Nope..she got us more lost...
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Sounds like he wanted a "haunted" or at least a themed maze that may have been the problem, the easiest way to get help is either to use scout or church groups or the like for either a fixed price or a share of the proceeds for working. Many seasonal type events use this kind of help, the Indianapolis 500 uses volunteer labor to clean up the track after the 500 race and the NASCAR race they hold. Our local fair grounds do the same for parking lot attendants (at least afternoon/evening through the week and all day weekends I think it may be minimum wage through the day during the week-usually people who either take a paid vacation from their regular jobs or retired/stay at home parents who need a temporary paying job)

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