Just candelled my Wellsummers, Araucanas, and silkies :(

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Dec 16, 2008
All shipped by 3 different BYC members, all from excellent stock out of a dozen or more of each I have only 2 silkies that look like maybe they are developing but I really don't think so, 5 wellsummers, and 4 Araucanas (these I am sure are at least developing for now. All the rest were scrambled by the PO I guess, since I cracked them open and there was nothing but broken yolks

I am so bummed, I know its not the bator (r-com and 1588 both amazing) and shipping eggs is such a gamble but still...

Other than waiting for one more batch of eggs from one member this was supposed to be my last hatches. It is so weird too, since I have gotten some eggs that had great hatches and some not so much I guess some just get handled better than others.

I am very excited to see what does hatch and am hoping that I at least get a few of each.

Yea I got silkie eggs about 2 weeks ago. The post office was really rough with them. Out of 24 only 10 are developing.
Most of them were scrambled and the rest had floating air sacks. I dont know why they have to be so hard on the boxes that say VERY FRAGILE! DO NOT DROP OR SHAKE!
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Oh, now you have me worried
, I just ordered my first batch of mail order eggs, 11 silkie eggs, I know it's a gamble, but I hope they make it, I've never worked with Silkies before, I'm soooo Excited!

I'm sorry to hear about your eggs, I hope the next batch work out better...
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