Just candled, running on par


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8 Years
Jan 4, 2012
Sheboygan, WI
Just candled my shipped eggs, 14 RIR from luckypickens, 12 Ameraucana from E-bay, 15 Light Bramas from bigdawg, and 9 each light sussex and polish from hot2pot. 2 RIR, 3 LS, and 3 polish were non-starters. 4 Bramas were non-starters, but due to the shells it was hard to tell so there might be a couple more, and we lucked out on the Ameraucana, all of them are going well. My history has been around 25% non-starters on shipped eggs so so far I am running on par. Can't wait till the hatch, looking forward to all these breeds.

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