Just checking on these gals are gals.


5 Years
Feb 25, 2017
Mchenry, Illinois
Okay so all of them were bought as pullets, from two different feed stores. They are almost 7 weeks old. AND VERY UNCOOPERATIVE. The Light Brahma is normally as pink as is shown in the pictures. The Welsummer isnt normally that pink, and it could very well be because I had to chase her around the garage as she tried to make a run for it when I opened up the walls on the pool. The Easter Egger doesnt have much color, but I have felt the comb is wide and that the legs look a little chunky. I know the one picture of Sassy the Welsummer is blurry, but it shows her chest color best. I couldnt get a clear picture of her standing to save my life. No one else is as flighty as she is.
cream puff and olive.jpg
cream puff head shot.jpg
cream puff standing.jpg
olive standing.jpg
olives head shot.jpg
sassafrass color.jpg
sassy comb .jpg
I think pullets as well. And, at 7 weeks, they are plenty big enough to be out in the coop, you don't need to keep them in the garage any more.
Awesome. Thank you. I thought Sassy looked right for a pullet, but just thought I would check. And we are working on integrating them with the four in the coop already. This should be done pretty soon, as visits are going pretty okay.

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