Just cracked corn?

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Oct 1, 2010
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I recently acquired several hundred lbs of free cracked corn. I was curious if anyone ever tried raising cornishx chickens on just corn? I assume the lower protein would result in both a fatter bird and a longer grow out period. Anyone ever try this?
I don't think they'd have the protein available to build muscle mass if fed just cracked corn. It would certainly produce fat, yes, but they need to be able to grow their frame and musculature, too. Maybe use the corn to finish them, like the last week or two of their lives?
Unless they are on free range (and actually walking around eating things they find, which most meaties are not inclined to do if they can sit in front of a feeder all day) corn does not have enough nutrition in it for any chicken. It is high in phosphorus and low in calcium, which will cause calcium deficiency and bone problems. You can feed them quite a bit of the corn as long as they have another source of protein and calcium and vitamins.
I would also say give them something more nutritious to balance the diet and I wouldn't mind if you sent the free corn fairy my way
It will not work to only feed them cracked corn, not balanced in any way. However-IF you had good range or pasture, once you had them well started, say, 6-12 weeks, depending on breeds, etc, you could turn them loose and feed them mostly corn and get away with it. I have done this with rock cockerels with reasonable results, yes, slower growth and smaller at slaughter weight, but, very very little money and time invested. I'm am not sure this would work with cornish cross, though. Be sure you have good forage available, and this could work. Would work really nicely for geese!!
Corn is like Potato Chips to a chicken. They will eat it like they are starving, but it's just "junk" food. You can give it to them in moderation. It will give them a little more yellow fat, but you can trim that off to use it to flavor some stock or chicken and pastry.

I never ever recommend it as a majority or even half the diet, as there's little nutritional value and a lot of fat. The bird should at least be free ranged and supplemented w/more protein and minerals.
Mine get half corn four weeks until salghter.they don't grow as fast however I never get losses.also less fat on the bird when butchered.I have raised until 12-14 weeks and they dress 10-12 lbs with no losses.
What Chris said.

Corn is fine, but not on its own. Its just not complete enough to feed a young growing bird by itself, but neither is any other type of grain. If you got oats or barley, it would be the same deal. Corn with a concentrate that balances out the vitamins and minerals and adds protein should work just fine.

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