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I've never owned ducks and as much as I want them, it's been decided I need to wait until next year to get any. I'm curious about some of y'all's replies regarding muscovies. Growing up part-time in Florida there were alot of wild ducks that we called muscovies, even in Knoxville, TN there's a pond that we visited alot that had muscovies. Last summer the resort that we stayed at in Hot Springs, had a flock of ducks they referred to as muscovies. What I remember about all of these ducks is that they were very, very noisy; yet when I read y'all's responses to duck questions, muscovies are always mentioned as quieter. What gives? Just curious.
Muscovies are a quackless duck. They have a soft whispery voice and if you have close nieghbours and want ducks you should consider them.
They make a hissing noise. When I had them only the females would fly and not very far, or high, just across the fence sorta thing. True muscovies have red warts on their faces. This is the thing that is so distinguishing about them. In the looks department they are an aquired taste. Here is a link to pictures of a few. My favorites are blues. These look like hens, the drakes are very big and nearly their whole faces are covered in warts.

Yep, those are the ones I was talkin' bout. Actually at the resort, we reported a bunch of ducks
for picking on an older one. They would be waiting on our balcony each morning for a handout and this old one just really got the short end of the stick from some of the younger, faster ones. The resort staff took him to a barn area that they have so he could recover.
Thanks for the replies.

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