Just do not know why?


7 Years
Nov 20, 2012
Had one of the girls act some what not here self this poor chicken has had a very hard life she is what i called dump and drive. She was toss from a car in front of my house a year ago and the poor thing had a broken beak. Any way she was just slow and lazy not moving around and would let me pick here up. So put her in the cage gave her antibiotics,food clean straw and even had a heat lamp to keep her warm. Yesterday morning went out and she was standing making noise as she always did when she sees me,she had clean food more antibiotics and she really seemed on her way to being better. Then my wife called said that she had died looked like she was sitting on eggs. Just do not get it why? Over the years seems to be no rhyme or reason as to the loss of a chicken. Some act really sick and others like broken beak show only small signs of not feeling good. I some times feel what's next. Anyone have the same issues? or have any ideas on how to do better?


9 Years
Mar 23, 2010
Rock Hill,SC
Sudden Chicken Death Syndrom

Thants what we call it here. Its sad but it happens.

Im so sorry for you.

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