Just Finished My Hot Climate Pen/Coop


8 Years
Apr 21, 2011
This is probably totally different then most people have seen. I live in Thailand (I'm Canadian) and needed to make a new coop/pen for my 4 Bantam Hens I buying. I'll be using them as surrogate mothers and egg hatchers. It's hard to find all the right materials to build a coop here like I can find in Canada or America. So I came up with my own design. I bought grass roof panels which are easy to find here and made a coop. 100% water proof too and very strong. I used small holed chicken wire. I used the blue net to stop snakes coming in and also scorpions. Well at least try to stop them. I left about 12" or so of space open along the bottom of inside the coop to allow air movement. It gets to hot if I block it right to the ground but with air flow it stays nice and cool. I build a shelf where I'll be adding 5 nesting boxes and also made a small chicken roost so they can get off the ground at night. I'll be clipping there wings so they can fly out.





I'm planning to make a bamboo floor inside to coop so they'll be slightly off the ground. I'll post more pictures once I finished that.
What sort of predators do you have there? It doesn't look like your set up would keep any out, and if you clip your birds wings they'll be defenseless. At least flighted birds have a chance of getting away.
I just picked up 4 white Japanese Bantams that will go in that cage. 1 roo 3 hens. I won't clip there wings. I'm going to add some sort of roof instead. Will take some pictures once it's finished. I picked up two 1 year old hens, one 3 month old Roo and one 3 month old hen. Japanese Bantam are pretty expensive but really interesting birds. I'll be using them to sit on some of my other chickens eggs and will be selling Bantam couples in the future.

As far as predators, the main one is snakes and wild street dogs but my yard is totally fenced in so I don't have to worry about the dogs. Maybe the odd cat. I've seen some small hawks but to small to take off with a chicken. As far as that really don't have many predators. My dogs don't bother the chickens much which is lucky.

By the way, Thanks for all you compliments
Oh I love it!! We briefly entertained the notion of a palm thatch for our roof but we'd need a sub roof to prevent coons from getting inso abandoned that idea. This is so cute!

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