Just for laughs

I’ve just been thinking, the most hilarious part is that she’s trying to sell them as French Toulouse, I guess because that sounds more sophisticated.

But I have French Toulouse from Metzer, Metzer coined the term for their variety of “French Toulouse” the geese they imported from France, which are pretty much just any ordinary production toulouse, they aren’t show quality like Exhibition Toulouse.
I love mine all the same but French Toulouse aren’t exactly royal bloodlines. Pfff.
Hubby has 2 rules in life:
  1. People suck
  2. People are stupid
I used to think that was such a cynical and unrealistic worldview. But he's right. Whenever something goes wrong, at least one of these rules apply.

I think they both apply in this situation. Rule #1 because she's being deceptive and aggressive. Rule #2 because she clearly has no idea about geese. Or the birds and the bees, apparently...

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