just found out that my newest pullet is probably a roo, i got a ?

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    Aug 26, 2011
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    so if my supposed ameraucana pullet, which I am told by a good number of you chicken educated folks on BYC now is probably a EE Roo, what color egg laying hens will be hatched from eggs that come from my red sex link ladies if i breed them with the EE? I am new to chickens and wasnt even looking for a roo where I am living right now, but he is very nice, and people/dog friendly, so he can stay unless someone else out there is looking for a roo of this type. I have pictures attached in the "what breed/gender" section that should be near the top as of right now, if anyone wants to see what he looks like. very pretty laced blue wheaton coloring on the belly, and getting long gold feathers growing in on the saddle area, and nice grey beard. i will keep him unless there is someone looking for his type or if anyone wants to trade for an egg layer i am open for trades.

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    Can you post a picture??
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    Some might be green, some might be blue, some might be olive green and some could be plain ole' white or brown. the key work is Might!

    It is a toss up of what colors they will lay. I like EE's because when you hatch and raise them its fun to try to guess what color the 1st egg will be.

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    Newark, DE

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    Oh yeah - cockerel. And an EE.

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