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Sep 21, 2013

I'm new to BYC stuff. My son (4yo) and I have helped our elderly neighbors with their chickens for the past 3 years, and we have benefited by getting farm fresh eggs whenever we needed them. Now I am being thrust into looking for a coop or plans and a run because those neighbors have decided that they can't do the farmette thing anymore and need to move to a lower maintenance home. (I am heartbroken because they have become like family.
) We have other farmer neighbors from whom we can purchase eggs, but I'd like to do it myself because my son adores the chickens and taking care of them. (He even likes mucking stalls.

And we have to have farm fresh eggs that we know where they come from. My boy reacts to store-bought eggs with a rash on his face and neck. I can cook with them, but he can't eat them, which I find strange.

I'm glad I found BYC, and look forward to learning a LOT from everyone here.
Hi and :welcome

Best of luck with keeping chickens - my mother and I no longer eat store bought eggs since we've gotten our chickens. They just can't compare! :lol:
And that's also lovely you have such a great relationship with your neighbours - it's not such a common thing round here, so I think it's very nice!

Enjoy the site. :D

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