Just got a free Avey Incubator....Im confused? Website link & picture


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Aug 11, 2009
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Hey Everyone, I'm in need of some help, since there website gives me virtually no help at all. My Friend of mine is a vet, who very nicely gave me this avey incubator.
Website link : http://www.aveyincubator.com/price%20list.htm

what im confused on is : It says avey incubator in one corner and starter brooder in another, so which is it?

If its an incubator, can i buy hatching trays, because she said i could, but i cannot find them on the site. I didnt get directions or anything, so im wondering how to use it ect. It does have air flow when i turn it on.
Thanks guys/Gals

Oh yeah any of you actually have it too?
what you have is their brooder, as far as I know, there are no racks for hatching eggs but joe freed (petiatrics.com) yes I spelled it right- has a rack that turns eggs in a similiar brooder making it an incubator when you need it or a brooder when you don't.
it's called the Egg Watch Incubator but it just the rack that you put inside one of his brooders.
I don't know if the egg watch will fit inside the avey brooder (pm me for dimensions as I have the egg watch as well)
Thanks so much! I was hoping for the the 150$ ish range. I think ill see how it works bye hand first. Thanks so much hoppy youve been very helpful!

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