Just Got First Egg!!


Dense Egg Goo
9 Years
Mar 22, 2010
Sacramento CA
AND I GOT TO SEE IT HAPPEN!! My Brahma has been squatting and talking nonstop recently, and today she hopped in my lap and was talking up a storm! I knew she was in "egg labor" so I talked gently to her and aimed her to the coop. She stayed in the nest box a while, and finally came out to eat. She hadn't laid yet. Well I was watching her eat, and she went to poop and OUT POPPED A BIG BROWN EGG!! Then she went to peck it, and I shoo'd her off and picked it up! She was bewildered where it came from LOL, here are pictures! This is from my Dark Brahma! YAY!





This is the pretty girl who is now a hen!
LOL The funny thing is I JUST got oyster shell today, and was on the way out to offer some and bam, she drops an egg. The shell is strong enough to be dropped from her butt to the gravel walkway in our yard so I am darn proud!! I am so happy, it's like christmas here today!!

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