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  1. featherfinder

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    So at about 7 I get a call saying Sonnie has his leg stuck and to get home. My Bf made it home before me and called me saying his foot is gone. We rushed him 45 mins away to an emergency avian vet. Sonnie got his leg caught on his hanging bed and chewed his foot off. The vet gave him pain meds and antibiotics for the next few days and wrapped it up. He is a bit shooken up and now has one leg. I have to take him back Saturday for a check up but at least he is ok. Been pretty worried about him all night.
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    I'm sorry. That has to be tough for sure.
  3. Roosterlover5

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    Feb 8, 2012
    Poor little guy! I hope he will be OK.
    Is it a chicken?
  4. featherfinder

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    It's a sun conure. He is passed out right now from the pain meds and getting some rest. I'm hoping for the best in the morning. He has handled this very well so far.
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    Oh no! I am sorry. I really don't like those hanging beds / happy huts /etc. They make the birds hormonal, and I have read a lot of stories about parrots getting caught in the frayed material.
  6. featherfinder

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    It doesn't make him or Sammy hormonal so we left it in there. He didn't get caught in the frayed material either. He got stuck in the thick small straps thqt connect it to the top of the cage. No idea how he got his leg stuck in that. He is a little more responsive today though so I'm hoping he keeps doing well. I was really worried about him last night.
  7. featherfinder

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    Sonnie goes for his check up tomorrow morning to see how it is healing. He is learning to balance on his good leg more now but his aggresivness towards other people has gotten worse now. He seems to be actually afraid of everyone but me. Poor guy. I know its stress but this is kinda a set back with getting him socialized.
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    Oh my, I am so sorry to hear this.

    I have 2 suns, 1 jenday, and a sunday. When my female, Merlyn, started laying eggs I was a newbie and didn't know to give her extra calcium. She ended up fracturing her foot and had to wear a cast for 4 weeks. When the vet took the cast off one of her back toes was dead. It eventually fell off. She never really regained full balance with that leg, she gets around but is very cautious and careful. I felt so bad, that was 4 years ago.

    I am sure that Sonnie will make a good recovery, they are pretty good at adapting.
  9. TwoCrows

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    I am so sorry to hear about your poor bird. How sad. I knew a lady that had a Conure with some sort of defective leg from hatch. She kept the bird in a basket with his food and water nearby. The bird did fine for the most part. She took care of this little guy, pampered him and he lived a long life with one leg. He crawled around for the most part to get places, but he did well.

    Again, I am so sorry and I hope he pulls thru ok. [​IMG]
  10. pinkfoxfarm

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    bird do very well with just one leg thanks to those magnificent beaks of theirs! as long as he makes it through the shock and doesnt get an infection he will be just fine.
    im sorry this happend, its so tough, sometimes even "safe" toys cause issues and ive had to rescue Jack Jack a few times from things that SHOULD have been perfecty parrot safe but he managed to get himself tangled in some unforseen way (and hes one of those parrots who HAS to put his head into everything so if hes going to get humself hurt/stuck ect its usually with something around his neck somehow.

    sounds like he got through the initial stress and shock so hes a tough cookie and im sure he'll be just fine once he gets through this, itll be very normal for him to be more afraid of people and certain toys ect for awhile.

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