Just Got My Doves can I have some help please!?

Discussion in 'Pigeons and Doves' started by Chiko, Jan 3, 2011.

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    We got our doves unexpectedley and couldnt finish their house or learn enough about them! [​IMG] I need some help on how to raise them [​IMG] All I need to know is what they eat?, If I can keep them in an old 2 story rat cage?, and some other things that I dont know about them all we know is that they need a perch... and well thats about it [​IMG] thanks so much please tell me we are keeping them in a small box lined with hay! [​IMG] and also if you have doves can you post pics of pairs for me I'm supposed to have male and female but not sure which ones wich can yall tell me how to sex them and post pics of each? thanks so much!!!!![​IMG]
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    Mine come inside to a two story rat cage when its below freezing...

    They eat dove food, really and dove grit.

    Dove food is wildbird mix or gamebird feed or dove food

    The pigieon/dove grit is red.

    Males usually bow and coo and have more skin around they eyes then females.

    Females laugh and have less skin showing around the eyes.

    Post your picts and we'll look.
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    they make a Dove and Quail seed mix that has the appropriate mixture of seeds for protien. the grit is really only needed if there are hard shelled seeds, such as corn or sunflower seeds, in the mixture. Wild bird mix generally has a lower protien percentage than Dove mix seed does. Be careful feeding them gamebird crumbles or a similar pre mxed feed right off. Most birds can't distinguish these as food right off.

    Just regular bird grit from the pet store or Walmart will work just fine. No need for the expensive pigeon grit unless you feel like it.

    Most any cage will do. You want to make sure their tails don't hit the cage wire while they perch. they can really ruin their tails that way. they should be able to fully extend and flap their wings. The rat cage should be fine for a temporary cage, but if you intend to breed they will need a larger cage eventually.

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