Just Hatched Chick - How do you know when to cull

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    May 3, 2011
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    Hey All,
    So I am posting in some other places also but wanted some feedback. I put my eggs in lockdown on the 3rd, today I came and two of the eggs that had pipped hatched while I was gone so I dont know which chick came from which eggs but one of the chicks looked wrong, it was hard to tell through the hatcher window so I pulled the chick out (lightening fast so I didnt mess up the humidity and temp) and found that is was somewhat deformed. It is missing the outside toe on each foot. Also where the umbilical cord was is bulging. It is chirping/screaming non stop and I am afraid it is in pain and not sure if I should cull it. From observing it appears to have issues getting its legs under it almost like they are splayed. It is suppose to be a maran and I bought the eggs on byc. The other chick was fine with all the toes. After I pulled this chick another one hatched and it is normal but has the same bulge from the cord. I have hatched chicks before but never had this happen. Because there where a lot of broken air sacs from shipping I hatched them in carton so they air sac was pointing upwards as I read it can help the hatch rate so maybe that has something to do with the umbilical cords.

    Here are some pics
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    I am far from professional- but I would say give it a couple days and see how it does. Worse thing that could happen is you get a layer with funky feet [​IMG]
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    I would also give it a little time. Sometimes they seem like they can't walk at first just because they are weak. Then after a little time they get stronger and are able to stand just fine. I think it's navel will be fine and will heal over quickly.

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