Just hatched my 1st batch!

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    Apr 17, 2017
    Hi all!
    I'm new to BYC and to chickens in general. We adopted 7 batam silkies from a friend who no longer could keep them. The silkies are all adults and fun chickens. I just hatched​ 20 chicks (not silkies) that are still brooding.
    The silkies free range and go back in the coop at sunset.
    My question is will the chicks follow the silkies when I take them outside or do I need to lock them in the coop until they know that it is their new home?
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    [​IMG] and congratulations on your first hatch! Silkies are great, you will love them. When it comes time to put your chicks outside, I would recommend a slow introduction to avoid squabbles. Some probably put them out there and let them figure it out, but I like to go slow. The young ones will have to establish themselves within the flock, but they will be low in the pecking order at first. I generally let a broody raise my chicks, makes it so much easier and they are already a "part of the flock". Once in awhile, I don't have a broody to give them to. In that instance, I fence off part of the coop to give to the babies to go into at night and also have a baby pen outside for them. It keeps everyone safe and gives my adults a chance to get used to the newcomers. When I notice that the adults are ignoring the newbies, I let the babies out and stand by to see how things go and make adjustments. Your chicks will form their own flock for a good while and then they will eventually all merge.
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