just hatched my first qauil


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9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
i am so happy my first time incubating quail and a great hatch so far out of 40 eggs 20 have hatched and 10 were no good when i candled them and the rest i have yet to see anything out of them i just moved them to the brooder and have a few quastions do they have to be shown water like ducks and turkeys or are they smarter like chickens. and what is goos to use for water i dont have a quail waterer.thanks doug


Chukar Junky
9 Years
May 29, 2010
Dunnville, Ky.
I use regular chick water bases with marbles in the water to keep them from falling into it and drowning. The marbles are also shiny and the quail chicks will peck at them, in turn finding the water all by themselves! Most of the time I put them in the brooder and if I notice they aren't any drinking from it in a couple hours, I will dip a few beaks in the water and they show the others to water.

Congrats on your hatch btw!!

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