Just hatched Silkies - buff/black mottled and black with white tips!


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Jun 30, 2014
Tomball, Texas

These Silkie babies just hatched today. I have one buff hen, one black rooster, one white rooster, one white adolescent rooster, 3 babies and 7 adult white hens. I'm guessing the mottled is a combination buff hen and black rooster and the black with white tips is the black rooster and a white hen? I never knew the colors could come out this way. Adorable!!!!
Breeding to white can result in just about anything. White is an off switch, preventing colors and patterns from showing up in a bird. Your whites could carry all sorts of hidden genes. The brown one in the back looks similar to a partridge, and probably is if it has stripes on the back.
Can you post more pictures of the black and buff chick?

I have a black hen that breed with a buff cock and I am debating on incubating their eggs. Are they a nice color?

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Oh, I was talking about the chick that's parents are a buff and a solid black. What colour is it?

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