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Jun 22, 2009
we processed 12 out of 25 jumbo cornish x today. After we plucked and eviserated them, we put them in a clean garbage can lined with a bag with lots of ice and water. WHen I took them out of the water, there was brownish looking stuff mixed in with the natural ooze under the skin. Is this just residual blood that has mixed in with the membranes? please help!!!!!!!!!! It is the first time we did chickens, we did turkeys last year. We are just freaking because as a society we are very disconnected from our food. Just looking to hear some encouraging words. Does anyone know what it is? Thanks.
ewww I had the same thing happen to me. I was grossed out by it and still the chicken is in the freezer and I'm still not eating it. The dogs will get it. I just started to rinse them really good and but them in poultry bags then in the ice water, I didn't have it happen then.
I would never process anything without salt water. It has a drawing affect. Also temperature is all important.
I like using salt water, but it is by no means "necessary" in processing. It does help to draw out blood, it breaks down tissue, and keeps your water colder, but that stuff happens just fine without salt as well.

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