Just learning the art of chickening...


8 Years
Aug 26, 2011
Austin, TX
I'm still in the researching stage of what breeds of chickens would work best for me in my area, for my needs, etc. I'm in the process of building a chicken tractor right now. Using a recycled dog house and will use as many "found" materials as possible to help keep our planet going as well as to keep my costs down. We plan on having around 2-4 hens, we aren't allowed roosters in our area. We (me and my bf) currently have 3 dogs and 3 cats already and many deer, bunnies, cardinals, lizards and other critters that are passersby. So right now I'm kind of a lurker on this forum, reading up on tips, tricks, suggestions and getting ideas for my new chicken tractor, feeders/waterers, brooder boxes and hopefully not in the too distant future, selecting my chickies. It's been great reading all the wonderful info posted on here. Your group is fabulously supportive of one another it seems. Though, I can say that I'm not only a newbie to BYC, I've never joined any forums at all...so this is new as well. That said, hope everyone has a great day!
Hello and welcome from Ohio!

I think you'll love having chickens! I did exactly what you're doing now....Lots of research!

Take care and glad you joined!

There's alot of stuff here, can spend hours, (ok, DAYS) looking for info. I just joined, and am constantly finding new threads that suit my needs. Welcome aboard, and good luck. And look up chicken math. LOVE IT! Roberta
Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone. I look forward to learning more about my future chickens as I build their home. Just hoping for a little less heat outdoors or construction will have to occur at 5am every day.
from Kansas, JellyBeanCee!
Glad you joined. It think you are wise to do the research first.
I dove in with both feet and had to learn on the fly! Best of luck to you and your birds!!

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