just lost 4 babies today.


In the Brooder
9 Years
Dec 24, 2010
Pine Island, MN
I lost some babies today, I transfered the babies out to the brooder yesterday. I think it just got to cold for them. Between my heat lamp and broody mama they weren't able to stay warm enough. I wish I would of checked on them a few more times. RIP baby SLW's.
I lost some last night, too. They piled and smothered. They have been outside for a few weeks, but we had two really hard frosts, and they've been weakened by having cocci. So saddened by their loss. Feel like the worst mom in the universe.
I had a broody that they were with and at first it looked like she took to them, but the broody also had 9 other babies that she has been taking care of for about a month. Next time I will check in on them more frequently. Some how 2 of the ones that died were inside the feeder, its one of the long narrow ones with 2 rows of holes and about 10 holes long. Not sure how they got in there, but somehow that's where they were.

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