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9 Years
May 21, 2010
st. Louis
doesn't it feel like there should be a like button on this site?

so lets say your on the emergency page and your reading through the post and see one that needs action now but you don't have the expertise for it so you like it so it becomes more noticeable for someone who dose ;or if you see a post that was helpful and answered some questions that you would have never been able to get the answer to on your on. basically what i'm trying to saying is that it would be immensely helpful if there was a way to rate up relevant post so that they could be more notice able to new users and those with Ernest query; also this could help post on the furtherment of breeds of chickens or development of new breeds be more public and accessible in a way

it would be in the top right of a post or thread but you couldn't like a thread you started or your own post.

if you have any ideas to improve the site post it here to i would personally like to know
I suppose that wouldnt be a bad idea..
Like on Medhelp.. if you helped someone with a question and they liked your answer..you get little stars by your name,...
Eh... personally i dont care either way...
thanks Camelot Farms but i might not go as far as to act on my Little idea just wanted to know how other byc folks felt about the site good and bad.

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