just processed for the first time...


10 Years
Apr 6, 2009
it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The first one was the hardest....the killing part anyway.

So I put them in the freezer until I am ready to cook them....I have to disguise them the first time I cook them as my 8 and 10 year old won't try them if they know what they are....you would think I was trying to feed them poisen when I made them try a quail egg.....they liked them.
Wow congrats! I have read the "how to" but am nowhere near ready to give it a try. Glad to hear that it may not be as bad as I've got it built up in my head!

reminds me of the saying "that first step is a doozie!"

you'll have to update us with your recipe and meal experience- and if your disguising the true identity works on your kids
We just processed our first four pharoahs yesterday....they're on the menu tonight!!!! Don't know yet if I can bring myself to the table.... Will keep you posted... Hubby already talking about getting more chicks.
Peppermint oil (or Altoids/strong gum) will help get that smell out of your nasal cavity.

My 4 year old loves them! He yelled at me for a good 10 minutes before I grabbed a piece and put it in his mouth mid-sentence. He chewed it, and is now obsessed with it. He'll go over to the cages and ask when they'll be fat enough to cook.... which is both creepy and really cute.

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