Just put my first eggs in!

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    Mar 26, 2015
    So i had my incubator all set up, the temp was right and the humidity was right, and we put 38 eggs, we noticed that the temp dropped quite a bit while we had the lid open, but we realize that its going to take a little bit of time to turn them all everytime! How long can the temp and humidity fluctuate with out it affecting the eggs?
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    Your eggs should be fine as you turn them. For the temp and humidity to affect the eggs it would have to be off for a more prelonged period of time. Incubating eggs in an incubator is trying to replicate mother hen. She would get off the nest to eat drink and poop and leave the eggs so opening to turn is just like her leaving the nest. My incubator has a cool down feature on it where the heating element is turned off for the set amount of time so the eggs can cool to replicate mother hen leaving the eggs.

    Good luck with your eggs, hope you have a great hatch :thumbsup

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