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I have 4 Pekin Chicken youngsters who are now 6 weeks old and although outside they are still under a heat lamp as we are still only in temps around the 40's at night. My question is probably simple to most but as I am still on the start of the new hobby and am loving it.

At what age can I start to give growers foods to them. They are growing a little faster than there kin, who my friend has, but dont want to rush them by giving it to them to early.

Sorry if its a dumb question....


The only dumb question is the one the you don't ask!! From everything I have read, as well as the info from the local feed store says to put them on grower around 6 weeks and then layer feed once they start laying. Hope that helps! Keep us posted.

Thanks for the advice, I thought so but as both our day and nighttime temps have dropped I didnt want to force feed them something that may harm them.

We have 4 new babies just placed outside in there new home. Although this home is only a stop gap until they go to the main coop. I use this, or rather will be using this coop for the brooder to main coop gap. I have installed a heat lamp for them just to help until they are fully feathered.

I also have built 3 home made incubators that have a total of 52 eggs spread over them. Maybe a lot for a novice but am reading and asking questions all the time. I want to set up my own fertile egg section where I place maybe 4 hens of the same colours with a Cockeral of also the same. That way I can have a good daily supply of good quality eggs. The main hen coop already has 2 8 month old black pekins who are laying almost everyday, and I will be adding some hens as they are ready.

I hope to achieve both edible and fertile eggs. But thanks again from this side of the pond and will post some pictures of then babies as soon as the rain stops..!!! and can get them to pose for me...lololol

Best regards

I hope to achieve both edible and fertile eggs.

I have people that ask me all the time for fertile eggs to eat. Some people are convinced they are healthier. Since I have no roosters, I'm out of luck. You are going to do great raising your birds. You're not afraid to ask questions and learn new things. Best wishes.


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