Just started to set today....


10 Years
Dec 28, 2009
Bellingham Wa
I'm in Bellingham Wa close to the boarder , several of my ladies wanted to brood. I kept swiping their eggs until today. I decided to let the BO "Gurty" do her thing. My ???'s is this to early We're staying in the upper 30's to lower 50's. BUT the only thing we know about the weather is that IT WILL CHANGE! The other thing is how many eggs should I let her set on? She was setting on 3 and I slid 3 more then 2 other hens added to her clutch. I'll move her to her own safe dry and warm area in a few days... Just have to freshen it up. I'm excited about the natural hatch, I love to watch Mama's teach their babies.
I'm sure the temp is fine. She wouldn't sit if she wouldn't be able to raise the chicks. Mother's no best right? Haha or thats what mine always tells me.
Yeah Thanks... Let common sense prevail ... But, some of the other hens are laying their eggs next to her and adding to her clutch .. The last count is 10... I caught an Iowa Blue under Gurty and another egg. Silly girls...
HI there, I just came across this thread. I am heading to bellingham,and looking to buy some Dark Maran eggs, I am from Bc and I know I can bring them across the border by car, trouble is I dont know anyone that sells the very dark eggs in the states, would anyone know where I could get some. Im having a hard time finding any here
Thnk you
Hello!! and a big ol
to ACM22 and Rosie Chalk!!-your very first post!!!

there's another thread started with a group that set eggs this past evening if you would like to join!! It is
Setting eggs tonight! Anyone want to join me? Hope to see you guys there!!

Rosie Chalk, Good luck on finding those marans eggs! I too am in search of those super dark eggs. I have fbcm hens and need to get my roos that were given to me soooon!! I am also going to order peeps but not sure when!! Again good luck. and welcome!!!

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