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Oct 16, 2010
Trying to get picture of my 2 dogs who think there hens one male who when the chicks are peeping whines like crazy and one female that has moved the screen on the brooding box and kidnapped 3 chicks to her kennel not once but twice and always the same 3 chicks funny part is the chicks cuddle right up to her and go to sleep to bad her kennel is in the living room and the chicks are on the front porch for the first couple of weeks maybe...
I can't believe that your dogs are so gentle with them! I am getting my first chicks this week and have a chihuahua. I know that once the chicks grow up that they will be able to defend themselves, but worry that until then I will have to play ref between them. Anyone dealt with introducing small dogs to your flock?
I have a chi too and he helps me feed at first he "wanted to play" i fussed at him and now the chicks just think he's one of them plus they are all a lot bigger than he is now but when they were little he only got to see them thru the hardwire cloth i had on their brooder
I have small dog my male is a Westie and my female is a mixed up little thing pug,karn,doxie,losopso they are both very gentle with the chicks and everything they meet don't think either one would hurt a fly but they do get groochie with each other... But had to put a stop to it when she snuck 2 into my bedroom no more broody dogs. Westie knows he has to be gentle with chicks he found out last fall when broody hen gave him what for after he went up to smell a new chick...Around here everyone has to get along I have a beagle out next to my poultry yard and when the kakyi campbells escape there in his water pan and all he does is barks at the house to let me know 1 there out 2 he needs clean water..I'm very lucky to have good animals to work with and play with my husband says I spend more time with them than I do with him..

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