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West Central Indiana
I live in West central Indiana and one of my spring/summer "hobbies" is going and picking black raspberries and blackberries. I go along fence rows and roads, it is a peaceful and stress-free day!! I have had some interest in people buying them from me. They are friends of bf and his co-workers. I have no clue as to what is a fair price. Could someone give me some insight??
If you have some "unwanted" berries in this neck of the woods, let me know, and I will come pick them for you!! hehe
You are so lucky!
I have bought 12 raspberry plants and have been waiting forever for even a single berry.
As for price, it's really a regional thing. I think only a person in your specific region would be able to give you any sort of worthwhile advice on pricing, so keep that in mind if you get more responses.
Personally, I would go to the grocery store, see what their berries are selling for, and charge half that, since being wild, they're not going to be as plump and large as the store bought berries that have been bred for generations for their size and flavor.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help!
Make wine my friend. Its a wonderful hobby. Although I have recently quit drinking I am going to still make wine to give to my friends and for Christmas gifts and what not. Its an inexpensive hobby once you have gathered your equipment and even then it aint to bad.

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