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Jul 27, 2008
I just would like for prayers that this works out for the best, however it works out. I have an almost 16 year old daughter at home. Since she was born its been ME being the caregiver and her father around when its convenient for him. I have been with her through everything. Well, she has got it into her head that she wants to go live with her father.(You know, the grass is always greener sort of thing.Sigh.) Anyway, I am not stopping her if that is what she really wants, though it hurts like crazy. I just want whats best for her. So prayers, please.
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Yeah, thats what I figure. She is old enough to make some decisions and I cant always run her life.
I'm sorry to hear that. I hope things work out for her and that she will not be dissappointed when she finds out that the grass may not be greener. Be strong and you will get through it. When I was 16 I knew everything and what was best for me. She will have to learn a hard lesson.
Hang in there. God may just be letting her test the waters. She will get there and then realize how good she had it at your house. It may take a bit, but she will come around. I was in her shoes once. I lived with my mom, but it seemed like my dad would let me do what ever I wanted. And if I would have moved to his house I would have been the only child there. I would have had the rule of the house! Sounds great huh? Well, it was not so great. He never seemed to care, no matter what I did. He was always just up in his garage working on his semi. I missed having mom right there. I was always alone at dads.
I realized I loved having to share the bathroom with my older sister and younger brother! :eek: (Yeah I admit it!) And I missed having someone to talk to. I stayed at dads for.......3 whole days!! And I came running home!!!!! I sure hope your daughter opens her eyes! Loving, caring, and concerned mothers are well....the greatest! I am sending prayers your way and your daughters way! Hang in there and we will be here to pray with you along the way!!!!

Lord, please be with this mother and daughter! Help them both. Give the mother guidance and wisdom to get through this. And give the daughter wisdom, help her to make the right decisions! God be with them and guide their paths with your light along the way! In Jesus name, Amen!
Dear Father, thank You that You are bigger than any problem or issue in our families! Thank You for the opportunity to be parents! Jesus, wrap your wings around this young lady and soften her heart. Open her eyes and give her wisdom. Touch this mother, Lord. Give her the strength to get through this situation with JOY! Bless this family in every way, meet every need and make Yourself real to them. I ask and believe all these things, according to Your word and promises, Lord! In Jesus' most holy name, Amen.

love to your family. keep trusting, moving forward and relying fully on He who was, Who is and Who is to come!

Amen! Well prayed Miss Jayne!

You are wise to allow your daughter to take this step. She too will gain wisdom from this. She will soon find that you truly are her rock, and that she does need you. Give this to God.

You and your daughter are in my prayers.
We place this child in your safekeeping. 1st, if she does not know you personally, make that so. 2nd, work within the father to help him see the truth and what is best for the child.
3rd, give grace and peace to our friend here to help her to know that you are in charge.

In Jesus mighty name, amen.

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