juvenile breda with leg issues

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    Jun 28, 2010
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    I have a breda juvenile a couple of months old that seems to have injured its legs/hip joint? The first morning it was squatted down with its legs spread sideways and its belly on the ground. I picked it up and checked its legs and manipulated everything and all seemed fine. I put it down and it walked off. The next few days the same routine. All day long it seemed fine, walked fine and I could not tell it from the others. Then a few days ago....it no longer worked. I put it down after moving its legs and no go. It looks like a waddly penguin. It doesn't seem in pain or distressed....it just squats.
    Any thoughts?
    If this is a physical injury....how to best help it recover? I would like to exhaust the possibilities before considering putting it down.

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