K-Mart advertises eggs for .99 per dozen (Limit 2)

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Makes you wonder how anyone can sell eggs for .99 per dozen and come close to breaking even. I don't know what kind of eggs they are but there is no way that I would sell eggs for that kind of money. That was in their newspaper insert this past Sunday, Jan 15th.
Just imagine how gross, flavorless, pale, and watery they are.
Yeah I had to go and buy Cub's doz eggs for 99 cents. Bought three of them and going to boil a doz of those flavorless eggs. It might taste even better if it is pickled LOL!

Hurry up my dear girls! I am HUNGRY for fresh eggs!
However, a look at egg prices on the commodities market reveals another possible explanation:

Note that these are WHOLESALE prices. Here's yesterdays market quote for eggs: (The first number is yesterdays price, the second is the price a year ago today)

Eggs, large white, Chicago dozen-U ... ... Closed 1.0750 0.9350

Source: http://online.wsj.com/mdc/public/page/2_3023-cashprices.html

OldGuy43's historical question of the day: What became more generally available that caused egg prices to start falling after about 1950?
I checked our local auction prices. Last week brown eggs went for .50 - 1.10 per dozen. I had to go back 3 weeks to find any white eggs and they went for .20 - .30 per dozen. So around here egg prices are down.

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