Mar 31, 2020
Delaware County (near Philly), PA
After a contentious election, the endangered kakapo won as New Zealand's bird of the year. I thought I would learn more about this very interesting flightless bird and did a search. Well, I found this video, and it was one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen. Thought I would share. By the way -- I really really want a Kakapo now, so if someone has a spare one, please send (Yeah, I know there are only about 200 in existence).

This video just talks about the Kakapo

This is the funny one:
Before watching this, I had a feeling of emptiness. I did not know what my life lacked, so I went on a journey of self discovery through the jungles of BYC. Then I found this. This completes my existence. I can now die content, knowing that there is a Kakapo, somewhere in the world, who (just by existing) can solve all my problems. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! (The bird that is, I think its adorable, not the questionable choice of mate 😂 )
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